5 Common Reasons Your Site is not Converting

5 Reasons Your Site is not Converting The Traffic

So you got SEO, FB ads or something else bringing a lot of traffic to your  website. You soon notice that this traffic means nothing and that you are not getting any calls or inquiries on your service. Here are the 10 most common reasons on why this is happening.

Your Call To Action is MIA

Yeah, you have it, but where is it? Your site scheme doesn’t allow people to contact you without a lot of effort on their part. Make it easy on them have your CTA (Call to Action) Clearly visible, find a strong color to do contrast with the rest of your site to display your CTA. Our Painters in Boca Raton FL do a great at this. Check the example bellow

Boca Raton Painters Homepage

They have both a clearly visible button to call and the number up top clear and visible. You want to make it so the thing that grabs the most attention is the CTA. this can be done with going big or going different. Have your CTA be bright and red in contrast to your white site or have it be big and bold so the customer just can’t miss it.

The audience was misled

You advertised to the wrong crowd. Let’s face it maybe trying to rank for eyeglasses in a car repair shop wasn’t the best investment of your time. Many people focus on things to get as wide of an exposure as possible when they should be focused on getting the actual client targeted. This can be seen in the FB ad that advertises with fancy pictures of a house and then takes you to a realtor that is not even remotely close to you. You appreciated the house, but your’re  not going to sign up to work with a realtor that’s 50 miles away from you.

Grotesque Website

The site doesn’t load. The site looks unprofessional and scammy. Many things can lead to a site that is so bad people will not even stay. Have you ever gone into a beautiful site, ready to buy and then 20 pop-ups appear on your window? We all exit those.


Ask if you want to receive, for all those who think a miracle will happen and the client will call or contact you any way. Place that little CTA in as many places as you can. Don’t let the client forget that there is an actual product behind the whole website. Another thing is some sites have a cta that just doesn’t actually take action. The email lead doesn’t get sent, the phone is not captured. What’s the point? Check that all your Call to Actions are working with dummy leads, make sure you receive the contact details.


Wait a bit more, some things take time. Ask around friends to review your site and what they think on it. If the consensus reaches that your site should be converting then wait a while. Rome wasn’t built in a day.