Laptop Travelling Blog in 30 Minutes

Start a Blog in 30 Minutes

So you’re thinking of starting a blog? It can be good money if you put time into it. The problem? People think blogs are hard to make and only the techies have blogs. So there’s a huge space for people to grow in other fields. Surfing, painting, sculpting? Just do it. Starting a blog now is so easy that you could do it in 30 minutes. Here are the steps to a successful blog:

  • Set a clear goal for your blog
  • Get hosting + domain name
  • Install WordPress and decide on your theme
  • Decide your theme
  • Start writing
  • Making money from your blog

Getting Hosting and Domain Name

This might sound complicated, but it is fairly simple. It’s basically hiring a company to give you a site and store it. It all his been made easy and accessible to almost anybody!

 the most important thing is that your domain is memorable

I bold this because a lot of people forget this, the most important part is starting, but don’t put yourself behind $12.99 by picking a bad domain name. Here are some tips

.com is king: “.com” is the most well known it is the it is the largest of all the top level domains for a reason and will continue to be so. For a blog it is not as important to have it but it is recommended. In my opinion for a blog the order goes like this .com>.co>.net>the rest. You can also do some funny things with these, for example or

Don’t use symbols: Make it as easy as possible for someone to write your domain name, you don’t want someone not being able to find the – sign make them avoid going to your domain.

Short and sweet: Sometimes the domains you want are not available, but try to get something that is not a paragraph please.

Numbers are badddd: Even popular numbers like 365, 360, or 1 make the site look tacky in my opinion.

If you’re still having problems there’s a free tool called namemesh.comDomain Names Blog

Get the Hosting and Domain Name

Getting hosting and a domain name might sound complicated, but nowadays it’s one of the most simple things to do on the web. Hosting companies want to help you get your site live, so they make it very simple. If you need help you simply can call them and get support I have also made a full guide on how to get a host and domain name. One of the cheapest and easiest host is Bluehost, a great company that provides you not only with hosting, but also includes a URL for your website or more precisely a domain name. Here’s a guide on how to get bluehost and install wordpress. Guides on other hosts will come soon.

Choosing a Theme

Making your site pretty. The theme is like the skin for your site, it’s the styling of it. Now you don’t need to know code, focus on your strengths and just write for your blog. For this reason, themes were born. Tech wiz took the liberty to make very complete themes that allows you to fully customize your site with an easy and fun setup. The best and easiest theme I’ve found is X theme, it costs 65 dollars and although not necessary will make your site stand out. This site is using X theme and took me a few hours to design and learn. Get X – The Theme to End All Themes. You can use a free theme and take a bit of time learning how to code to customize a bit or use X theme and save a lot of time is 10 hours of your life worth $65. You decide. If you still want a free theme go ahead and look at the free WordPress themes, they can look good if you take the time to customize them.  Whether you decide to save time or customize your own theme your site will still need an idea to be built around.

Choosing the demographic for your blog

Who are the people you want to write to? Do you just want to write about your travels, surfing, painting? A clear theme so your audience knows what they’re getting into is keen for developing a big audience. I’d be quite confused if I enter a site that features skating, pie eating and roller coaster riding. The people who like all that are too small. The theme of this site is learning and the results that can come from it. Here’s a form you might want to fill out to get an idea of what your site is about:

  • What’s the goal for my blog:
  • What do I want to write about:
  • Who will be my audience:

What’s the goal for your blog:

In my opinion a goal for the blog should always be to put out value for people. Be it inspiring travel, work, how to guides or other things.  Giving value and making money comes hand in hand.

What do you want to write about?

At the end of the day the best way to start a blog is to write about something you care about, the biggest mistake people do is following what makes money. Fads make people write about things they dislike and abandon projects before getting results. If you put in the time, the money will come. Pick something you could write about all day.

Who will your audience be?

You might love doing a lot of things and writing about a lot of things, but probably someone that cares about fishing would not care about wine tasting. It all depends on you; do you want to have fun or develop an audience. If you want to develop an audience, you should consider sticking to a demographic.

Start writing

Now we are going to add a killer homepage to your site. Go to your admin bar click on pages and add new.Add New Page WordPress

Enter a title in. For a blog you probably want something catchy on what you are doing. As for the content, write an introduction about yourself and what you plan on doing with this blog or anything you see fit. Then hit publish and it’s live.

Press Publish And Get Your Page Live

Now you have a page, it’s time to make it your homepage. Click On Settings>Reading

Click On Settings and Then Reading to Make it Homepage

Now make the page you made into your homepage.Making it your homepage

Then click on save changes.

Your homepage is now done, but for a blog you’re going to mostly use posts and not pages so start writing in interesting things and giving value by going to admin bar again, clicking “posts” and “add new”. That is all you need to know to make a simple blog, a more complicated blog will come with time as you get use to the tools.

How to monetize a blog:

There’s many ways to make money off a blog, some of these include:

Ecommerce: Dropshipping products, or offering your own products. The easiest way to make a shop is using Shopify, but it can be done through WordPress too with Woocommerce.

Offering services: Coaching, consulting offer a service and exchange for money or something else of value

Affiliate Posts: Means you are an affiliate with a company and have a deal with them for bringing them customers. For example Uber has an affiliate program, for every person you recruit for them you get $10 for your own rides.

Ad Sense: Good old advertisement, not too profitable now because of adblock. There’s many companies that offer a network of advertising, you can look them up on google. A better idea though is cutting out the middle man don’t go to the ad companies and contact the providers directly. Offer them cheaper deals, these cheaper deals still net you more money because the middle man takes a big cut anyways.

Sponsored posts: You are paid to write a post on your blog or to publish post on your site. This is normally done to advertise someone’s product or to obtain a backlink. Can’t really do this if you have no audience, the more people you have the more you can charge.Local Marketing Florida

Making your blog go viral

Share it on the web, get some traction going.

Get traffic from outside

It might be showing it to your friends or advertising on Facebook, there are many ways to get eyes on your blog a few examples are: blog commenting, ads, word of mouth, Instagram, YouTube, etc. However once you get someone to view it you want to…

Letting Your readers share it

Let your readers show their appreciation, ask them to share your posts and offer them an easy way of doing it This is where plugins come in handy, they’re little tools that can fulfill roles in WordPress. When you view the left of the screen you’ll see various social media icons. This is a plugin that allows the reader to share this post with their friends. When you offer value it is natural that people want to use it. The plugin I use is called ConvertPlug, it is one of many plugins that comes included with X theme, if you want to get X theme here’s the link again. I highly recommend it, it simplifies the process of making a website. There exists also free plugins that do the same job a great one is AddToAny . Full guide on plugins and which ones are good will come soon so subscribe and stay tuned.

I’d be interested to see any blogs you guys came up with it, so just comment them down. I know SEO and would be happy to put in some pointers as to how you could improve your blog!